Free Fashion Clothes


Free Fashion Clothes

free fashion clothes


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free fashion clothes – The Illustrated

The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book
The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book
“A simple, no-nonsense guide to home sewing.”—Los Angeles Times
Here is the straight-up dope on how to make your own clothing. With or without patterns, machines, or fancy materials—anyone can do it! Got some old clothes that you love and that fit well? Use them as patterns for new ones. Want something new and spectacular, something that fits right along where your head is moving? Cut up, remodel, add on, and let your old stuff evolve! Readers will embrace the step-by-step illustrations, clear and encouraging prose, and timeless collection of clothes—from skirts and pants to dresses, a waistcoat, and even a teeny-weeny bikini. The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book promises to be both an indispensable resource and a much-noticed collectible on every hipster’s bookshelf. 100 black-and-white illustrations

Tibetan Elf Hoodie with Tribal Elf Hood…Elf Fashion and Clothing by Ashlihara.

Tibetan Elf Hoodie with Tribal Elf Hood...Elf Fashion and Clothing by Ashlihara.
Hey all you people who like creative and interesting things!

We just opened our shop. We’ve got all kinds of neat clothes andd things at and we’re adding more designers and designs all the time.

We like to say that the elves make them in keeping with elf fashion 🙂

And of course, we are ecofriendly- Most of the materials we use are recyled, reclaimed or organic.

I hope you’ll come by and check us out!

Take care,

The designers at Elven Forest Creations

p.s. our first 5 buyers will recieve a free gift!

Looking dashing in leather drag.

Looking dashing in leather drag.
Don’t like leather clothing generally but I couldn’t resist buying and wearing thei woman’s XXX-large leather overcoat that was marked down from $400 to $20. You always get more for your money in women’s clothing and have a lot more choices. This has a slightly cinched middle which looks quite dashing. Since it’s a woman’s coat, I’m actually in drag:-)
free fashion clothes

free fashion clothes

Handmade Women Fashion Clothing Top In Satin Fabric With Aari Embroidered (Free Shipping) Ltop0155
Made from soft lightweight fabrics, our high fashion tank tops are different, elegant and stylish. Sleek in style, with a unique design in front this top looks very stylish and is an ideal party wear. It is made of superior quality fabric and thus looks elegant. The ladies designer tops range has numerous varieties. We offer fashion ladies apparel a countless ladies cotton tops that are manufactured from high grade of fabrics. Our range of cotton tops are available in attractive sizes, colors and designs. Proper acre is taken by our team of experienced quality controllers to design a flawless range of cotton tops. We grant them modern designs and styles keeping in mind the taste of the contemporary ladies.

The Kurti is the shorter version of the kurta and is the traditional attire of women and is commonly worn in India and Asian Countries. It is a shirt-like garment and falls either above the knees. It can be worn with salwar, trousers, jeans, skirts or churidar. The traditional designs also have a more contemporary and modern appeal to it to cater to a wide variety of preferences and fashion choices. Kurtis are usually paired with slim-fitting pants or a skirt and the look is completed with a scarf, dupatta or stole as well as with matching jewelry.

This outfit is available in a variety of fabrics ranging from viscose georgette, polyester georgette, pure crepe silk, crepe blends, linen, silk, satin, cotton etc. They could either be plain and simple or feature contrasting or vibrant prints. The more ornate versions feature decorative work like bead work, mirror work, sequin work, block printing, ‘kantha’ work, and ‘chikankari. Some many even feature Kashmiri embroidery or other fancy appliques.

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